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Keeping Cats Happy – Toys and Other Tricks

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Cats love to play, even though in very different ways compared to other pets. They are naturally both hunters and prey so they do best when both of these natural instincts are catered for. An cardboard box on its side behind the couch or in spare room can provide a great den for downtime and a couple of small activity toys can encourage them to express their hunting behaviour whilst safe indoors.

Many seemingly unconnected illnesses are often improved, even cured by some very simple changes around the home.  Conditions such as feline urinary tract disease, overgrooming and skin issues can all be linked to underlying, chronic stress.

As they are not naturally sociable or pack animals, multi-cat households can be difficult for some cat. Providing more litter trays and feeding stations than cats in the house can really help to promote harmony by allowing them to social distance! Pheromone diffusers/sprays, calming supplements and diets can all help to reduce friction, especially during house moves or when introducing new pets. 

Active toys such as scratching towers and posts can mimic their natural desire to climb, scratch and claim territory and can help to both satisfy your cat and protect your furniture! If you need further advice or help, contact us or pop in for a chat and we will be happy to help.

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